Weight loss + TWO babies is hard!!

It is frustrating sometimes as a mom of a two years and a three month old to get magazines in the mail with celebrities that just had babies and are already in shape. I have to keep telling myself that they have nanny's and personal trainers and that it is just not possible to get in shape in the same time frame as them.

I have been watching my calories, but weight loss has been very slow. I keep thinking about working out, but there is never any time for that. I am not complaining I am very happy being a stay at home mom it is just frustrating sometimes when I don't see a loss on the scale. You all must be wondering what the heck is she doing? Why hasn't she lost like 50 pounds already? My best friends tell me that I am being too hard on myself. Harvey was born three months ago and I have already lost 28 pounds, but I know I could lose more if I worked out.

When Aiden naps Harvey is usually hungry and then I have do laundry or dishes or something Mommyish and before I know it Aiden is up and there is no time for working out. I looked into working out with Aiden and I tried it, but he was not into it. Maybe when he gets a little older. I was trying to use him and a weight as was suggested and he was like, "put me down mom; I want to play with my toys!". lol. THEN I decided well okay, Harvey wakes up at 7am I will work out after I feed him. Well then Aiden started waking up when Harvey wakes up, so now I am going to try to working out at night before bed, but I heard it is not good to do that. I will do so more research on that before I decide to work out at night. If you work out at night before I bed I would love to hear your thoughts.

Anyways that is where I am now. I am trying some weight loss products, and trying to stay with in calorie range, but I know if I can get some good Jillian Michaels type workouts in I will reach my goal a lot fast! Thanks for reading! I will have a lot more reviews/giveaways coming soon. =-)_


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